St. Luke's Independent Practice Association - Welcome


IPA Committees

Refer to the following documentation for roster lists, rules and roles & responsibilities for the St. Luke's IPA's various committees:


Clinical Integration Performance Improvement Oversight Committee

L to R:  Drs. Brian H. Kaplan, C. George Kevorkian, Nali Spencer, Samuel C. Weber, William M. Granberry, and James O. Wallace.  Not pictured, Dr. Lisa L. Ehrlich.

Credentials Committee

L to R:  Drs. William A. Redwine, Marcia Kielhofner, Lisa Ehrlich, Rhonda Shannon, C. George Kevorkian, and Seymour H. Goldberg.

UR/QA Committee

L to R:  Drs. Robert J. Carpenter, Kelly J. Larkin, Thomas J. Mims, and Patrick V. Ford.  Not pictured, Drs. David T. Netscher, Todd E. Siff, and R. Patrick Wood.