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Published:  August 6, 2010

New Minimally Invasive Surgery Performed at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital

A team of physicians now performs minimally invasive surgery at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital for the removal of parts of the colon affected by cancer. Drs. Eric Haas and T. Bartley Pickron, of Colorectal Surgical Associates (CSA), are leads on the study.

The single-incision surgical technique for colorectal surgery is providing patients with a scarless incision, thus reducing complications. Patients also are experiencing reduced pain, faster return to normal activity and lower infection rate.

“Single-incision laparoscopic surgery is an innovative technique in the field of colorectal surgery,” says Dr. Haas, colon and rectal surgeon, St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital. “SILS has proven effective and safe for both benign and malignant diseases.  In fact, for those with colon cancer, this seems to be even more important, as it results in reduced trauma to the tissue and removal of the associated lymph nodes, where the cancer can spread.”


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