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Published:  February 18, 2010

St. Luke’s Episcopal Health Charities awards $50,000 to The Community Clinic

In partnership with St. Luke’s The Woodlands Hospital, St. Luke’s Episcopal Health Charities recently awarded a $50,000 operating grant to The Community Clinic, located in Oak Ridge North in South Montgomery County.

Established in 1996 by Dr. Joel Kerschenbaum, The Community Clinic is a nonprofit healthcare center that provides medical, dental, mental health and social services to those who have no insurance and who do not meet criteria to receive care in another setting, such as governmental or county assistance programs. Funded by donations, the Clinic is staffed by licensed physicians, nurses, dentists, dental assistants, dental hygienists, social workers, translators and support people who volunteer their time and services to run the Clinic.

“In this challenging economic climate, we are delighted to support The Community Clinic in its ongoing efforts to advance community health through body, mind and spirit. Since 1999, The Charities has provided more than $305,000 in grants to the Clinic, furthering our shared commitment to improve health among one of our community’s most underserved and vulnerable populations,” said Celene L. Meyer, director of grants and evaluation, St. Luke's Episcopal Health Charities.

Peg Reiter, RN, PhD, assistant vice president and chief nursing officer, St. Luke’s The Woodlands Hospital, and The Community Clinic board member, added, “The Charities has been supporting The Community Clinic for several years and we are proud to see that support continued, as the Clinic provides such an important and necessary service to the working uninsured.”

According to Rebecca C. Jones, executive director, The Community Clinic, the grant for operations will enable the Clinic to grow other programs, now that funds are in place to adequately cover basic expenses, such as electricity, water and other utilities and overhead expenses, that often go unnoticed with a nonprofit. “St. Luke’s Episcopal Health Charities is more than just a foundation,” noted Jones. “It is actively involved in building long-term progress to help the community as a whole. We truly appreciate their generous support.”


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