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Now in its 15th year, the St. Luke’s Episcopal Health Charities extends the healing mission of St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System in the 57 counties of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas (DOT). United with all members of the St. Luke’s family, the Charities helps create a future when all people – no matter their background or circumstances – can have access to preventative strategies and appropriate care for their health concerns.

The Charities has brought hope and healing to more than 15 million people through $87 million in grants to nonprofit community health service programs. More than a grant maker, the Charities has dedicated itself to developing our community’s full potential for health.

The Charities’ Project Safety Net and Breast Health Portal online resources – developed and maintained as free gifts to the community – help guide individuals to accessible and affordable care, relieving an overburdened emergency room system and giving underserved families the resources they need to achieve optimal health. These tools also aggregate timely data on various aspects of community health that would not otherwise be available for planners, researchers and care providers.

Just as the Charities’ online tools offer help to many audiences, the organization as a whole addresses complex health issues from many angles. The Charities’ Center for Community Based Research approaches public health issues using an innovative scientific method that blends grass roots qualitative study and quantitative data analysis. With expertise in participatory research, epidemiology, spatial mapping and both formal and informal education, the Charities’ Community Based Research team is unique in Houston and is an active community resource and creative contributor to national and international conversations about and publication on health-related issues.

The Charities’ second Center – the Center for Collaborative Leadership - was formed in 2011 to house the Charities’ robust grantmaking program and several parallel initiatives. From the beginning, grantmaking at the Charities has been more than the transfer of funds. Thanks to strong and discerning leadership, the Charities has identified and provided solid support for nonprofits in all stages of development. Online tools, workshop training, and the new Collaborative Leadership Academy build capacity and resilience among organizations dedicated to the health of the underserved. The Charities currently focuses its support in three main areas: primary healthcare, stabilizing homeless individuals and families, and social services such as after school programs, food pantries and care for elders.

Through the work of these two Centers and with the visionary support of its Board of Directors, the Charities seeks to fulfill its mission - to increase opportunities for health enhancement and disease prevention, especially among the underserved, and make possible measurable improvements in community health status and individual well-being. With gratitude for its first fifteen years and with energy and hope for the years to come, the Charities looks forward to a brighter, healthier future for all God’s children.

For more information on St. Luke’s Health Charities, visit or contact Meredith McCrary at 832-855-5855.