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Debra Bailey wasn't feeling like herself as she was sluggish and having a hard time keeping up with her three children. Many friends and family also commented on how her eyes and skin appeared yellow. Her physician confirmed it was liver disease and suggested that she go to St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital for treatment. 

Tests were conducted at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, which revealed extremely high levels of enzymes that required medication. Debra was contacted with the results and was told she needed to register for the Liver transplant list. Two days later, Debra's body shut down while she was taking a nap and she was admitted to the ICU. As a result, Debra and her family realized how desperate she was for a liver transplant. Luckily, a liver was located and the transplant was performed the next day.

Debra recovered for a week in the hospital and is grateful to the donor family and to the compassionate and expert staff at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital. She said "If it wasn't for St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, I wouldn't be here today. I have so much thanks to give to St. Luke's - they gave me my life back."

Debra, fully recovered, now home schools her children and is an advocate for organ donation throughout the Beaumont area.