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Frequently Asked Questions

General Program Operations
General Application Questions
eCareConnection Basic Communication Tool
EHR Lite

How is eCareConnection different than Physician Portal?
Much of the information contained in Physician Portal is the same information contained in eCareConnection. However, eCareConnection allows you to communicate clinical information to other physicians providing  patient care. Listed below is a summary of differences between the two applications.


Is there a cost to transfer data out of eCareConnection or EHR Lite? What is the cost and what does the data look like after that transfer?
There may be two fees associated with a data transfer: one from Relay Health and one from the new vendor. The fee depends on what form you would like your data to be in once retrieved from eCareConnection or EHR Lite. (Options for data extraction include a data dump on a flash drive, searchable data in a new system, etc.)

Will I see status updates about outpatient orders I have sent?
Yes. You can see when orders are “Sent to Facility” and “In Progress”. “Sent to Facility” means that an order was electronically communicated to St. Luke’s Patient Access Services. “In Progress” means an order is being worked by a representative of St. Luke’s Patient Access Services.

Results Manager

Can I receive results from outside laboratories? What is the cost for the interface?
You can receive results from LabCorp at no cost. Your office needs to ask you LabCorp sales representative to connect the office with Relay Health.

Can I filter inpatient/outpatient results?
Yes. Results can be filtered by report type and location (inpatient/outpatient, transcription, lab, radiology.). Reports are always searchable in eCareConnection but they may also be archived so they do not clog your results queue.

Do I have to see all normal test results?
No. Normal results can automatically be released to the patient in the timeframe of your choosing.

How long does it take for reports to be uploaded in the system? Is it faster than getting reports in Physician Portal?
Reports are sent to eCareConnection as soon as they are sent to Physician Portal.    

Can my results go directly into the patient’s chart in my electronic health record?

Yes. An interface must be built between eCareConnection and your electronic health record. Your vendor may charge you a fee for this interface.


Can I prescribe over-the-counter medications?
Yes. You do not need to send the prescription, but you may enter the prescription into the application and then print the prescription.

Can I prescribe Schedule II medications?
Schedule II medications follow a “print only” workflow and may be transmitted electronically or faxed to pharmacies.

I already e-prescribe through another vendor. Do I need to switch to eCareConnection?
You do not have to switch e-prescribe vendors, but we recommend that you switch to eCareConnection so that your e-prescribing activity can populate your patient’s Personal Health Record. You can sign a “Vendor Release Form” to switch your e-prescribing activity from another vendor to eCareConnection.


Do I have to invite patients?
No, but it is strongly encouraged. The strength of eCareConnection is in the ability to tie multiple participants in the healthcare experience together. Transitioning patients to online communication has shown to decrease the number of phone calls to an office. Opening electronic lines of communication with your patients is also a patient satisfier. 

Can I send messages to a physician outside of the St. Luke’s system?
Yes. You just need to add the physician to your address book with a name and fax number. Any communication sent to a provider who is not an eCareConnection participant will be converted to a fax.

Can I control what messages a patient can send through eCareConnection?
Yes, you can modify the patient messaging function to enable or disable certain functions and control incoming messages. Patient messaging features include the ability to request appointments, prescription refills, test results, or referrals; ask billing questions; and even write a note to the office.


Can I add custom templates?
There are some specialty templates for physicians to use or you can use a free text option structured in a SOAP note format. You can also you dictation software to assist with documentation in any free text field.

Can I include pictures in the documentation template?

Pictures can be attached as files to the Personal Health Record. These would then be accessible to the patient through the Patient Portal.

How do I give a patient a copy of his/her medical record?
The Personal Health Record screen in the Patient Portal gives the user the ability to print the Personal Health Record. Ideally, patients may be invited to participate in eCareConnection online and be allowed to have online access to their own Personal Health Record.

I know a patient can enter and/or change information on the Personal Health Record. Can the patient change what I have documented?

The patient can only mark items as current/active or resolved and update time periods. The patient has access to edit the following: Medications & Allergies; Problems & Procedures; Results, Vitals, Immunizations (adding records only); Family & Social History. Patients do not have access to any internal office notes.

Does this work on a PC or MAC?

This works on both PC and a MAC.

Is there a Spanish Patient Portal?
Yes. The following pages are available in Spanish:

  • Home Page
  • Personal Health Record and Pre-Visit Screen
  • Note to Doctor
  • Note to Office
  • Appointment Request
  • Medication Refill and Renewal Request

How do my patient demographics get populated in eCareConnection? Does my staff have to enter all the information by hand?
Listed below are several ways to populate eCareConnection with your patient demographic information. (Some methods may be at a cost to you.)

  1. Patients seen at any St. Luke’s facility, in an inpatient or outpatient setting, may be pre-loaded into eCareConnection for you. This process begins when a signed eCareConnection participation agreement has been returned to St. Luke’s.
  2. Patient demographics may be uploaded to eCareConnection from an Excel spreadsheet populated by your practice management system.
  3. An ADT feed may be built to connect eCareConnection with your practice management system. (This may also support the transfer of insurance information into eCareConnection along with patient demographic information.)
  4. Patients may be loaded into eCareConnection via manual entry.

Is there a cost for training?
There is no cost for training an office to use eCareConnection.